Learn about the bullet journal method

What is The Bullet Journal Method?

You probably heard about Bullet Journals (or BuJo for short) or maybe you just saw some awesome bullet journal ideas on Instagram. The fact is, The Bullet Journal Method is a planning system created by Ryder Carroll. His organisational system become worldwide phenomenon thanks to his methodology that went far beyond simple organisation.

Check out his book HERE or you can start right now with some helpful tips on CREATING YOUR OWN BULLET JOURNAL SETUP.


 Pick the right dotted notebook


How to choose the perfect notebook?

There are heaps of notebooks available out there but how to choose the right one? Most of bullet journals are dotted notebooks, but it doesn't mean that it's the only right option. You are free to use any notebook of your choice: dotted, lined, grid or plane.

Get yourself the notebook you will love and enjoy writing in it. When choosing one, it's good to keep in mind few things:

1. Notebook size

Most popular option is A5, but if you feel like you'll need more space for drawings, photos or putting on paper all your ideas and plans, it would be best to use B5 option or even A4. Small notebooks are good for you only if you do not have lot of things to plan or you just need a second notebook to keep with you all the times.


2. Paper thickness

Paper thickness is a very important factor if you plan to use in your bullet journal more that just pencils and a ball pen. Standard paper thickness is 80gsm, but notebooks with that kind of paper are not good for markers, highlighters, brush pens or paint. If you want to avoid bleeding through and ghosting it's best to use notebooks with thicker paper.




3. Paper Colour

Archer & Olive black paper dotted notebookArcher & Olive dotted notebook 160gsm

 Black Paper Dotted Notebook Bullet JournalArcher & Olive white paper dotted notebook bullet journal 160gsmDingbats dotted bullet journal




Archer & Olive 160 gsm A5 & B5


(black paper notebook available as well)

Dingbats 100 gsm A6+, A5+ & A4+ cream
Leuchtturm1917 80 gsm A5 light cream
Peter Pauper Press 100 gsm A5 & A4 light cream



Discover the best bullet journal supplies


Discover the best bullet journal supplies